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“It’s a little more than 24 hours after the gig on the 25th and I am nowhere near coming down. It isn’t just my excitement at watching my daughter sing at her first gig, and it wasn’t just the joy I feel as I can see her beginning to blossom under the loving and caring guidance of the two of you, but it was also the wonder of watching all those young, talented musicians who have had the good fortune of being able to work with Charlie and Rosanne. Both of you treat the kids with so much care, understanding and professionalism.” – C.N.

Lagond Music School Testimonials. Contemporary Music Education in Westchester County, Elmsford, NY“I can’t thank you enough for sending us the wonderful jazz group (Standing Room Only) from your music school.  The performance they gave at the Educational State Convention in White Plains last Friday evening was spectacular!  Everything was perfect…the musicians, music, professionalism, intern sound engineer, and interaction with the audience (mostly teachers ranging in age from 25 to 95 years old!)  They are truly exceptional students/musicians and extremely talented performers!!!”  – J.J.

“We wanted to let you know how appreciative we are of all you give to our son. Before he got involved with Lagond Music, it was rare to find him involved with anything. Sports, school events, and extra curricular activities did not appeal to him and he spent most of his time alone, practicing his drums in the basement. Though he had an innate talent and skills, He lacked self-confidence and the self-esteem to interact with other teens.  Your program gave him the encouragement and the opportunity to meet people his own age, with whom he had common interests.” – E.M.

“Last night was a great experience! We are so proud of our son. The opportunity that you’re providing for these kids is absolutely unique: to be “apprenticed” to a real musician. He’s not only having a great time, he’s learning an incredible amount about the process that goes into the making of his favorite music.” – C.C.

“Our daughter is absolutely thrilled with the college prep program. She loves working with her teachers, can’t wait for her next lesson, she has already learned so much. The program that you have put together has made it so exciting to learn. Lagond always seems to exceed our expectations and my congratulations for putting together such an exciting summer learning experience.” – R.S.

“Your vision, hard work, headaches and your persistence is really paying off. Our children would not have had the opportunities open to them if Lagond Music was not around. What a lifetime experience and memories they will have to cherish forever.  The most important stepping stone to their future will forever be Lagond Music.” – A.P.

Lagond Music School Testimionials. Contemporary Music Program, Westchester County, NY“Our son is a senior now and you know what that means! He auditioned for FIVE colleges…Purchase, MSM, Hartt, William Patterson and NEC and was ACCEPTED into ALL of them with a HEFTY scholarship/financial aid package from NEC!  Thank you.” –L.B.

“Our son was awarded the Gold Medal for Academic Excellence in Music at Iona Prep which was presented at graduation. It was a very proud moment for him, and we have you to thank for giving him the confidence, skills and desire to help Iona take some major steps toward a higher level of music education.” – J.T.

“My husband and I would like to thank you for giving our son a wonderful experience as a working musician last week, and for taking a great care of him during the trip.” – T.S.

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