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Prestigious Downbeat Magazine Award

Prestigious Downbeat Magazine Award


Lagond Music School is pleased to announce that one of their students Dylan Buckser-Schulz of Scarsdale, is a winner of the 41stAnnual DownBeat Student Music Awards.

“Wow! What an honor to have Lagond Music student, Dylan Buckser-Schulz, win the DownBeat 41stAnnual Student Music Award for Outstanding Performance, Junior High School Jazz Soloist,” says Charlie Lagond, co-founder and musical director of Lagond Music School. “We’re very proud of his talent and especially his effort. Special thanks to his drum teacher, Jerad Lippi and the rest of our teachers. Extra special thanks to his parents, Lisa and Chris, for their trust and support.”

As part of the DownBeat Student Music Awards competition, students record their music and submit it for judging by professional musicians and educators from across the country. Judging criteria are based on musicianship, creativity, improvisation, technique, sound quality and balance, excitement and authority. This is the fourth time that a Lagond Music student has received such an honor.

“I’ve never won an award before. This feels pretty overwhelming. But good, all the same,” says Dylan Buckser-Schulz, who started his drum studies at Lagond when he was six.. “For starters, I’d like to thank my drumsticks for getting me through this whole process. Seriously, though, jazz music is something that I love and appreciate with a passion, and being recognized for my abilities in the art is something I will never take for granted.” A 7thgrader at Edgemont Jr./Sr. High School, he and his twin brother, keyboardist and vocalist Tyler Buckser-Schulz, got their start in Lagond’s Band Prep Jam for elementary and middle-school students, prior to joining Lagond’s SRO band.

Established in 1976, the DownBeat Student Music Awards are considered the most prestigious awards in jazz education. Hundreds of musicians, music educators and music industry professionals received their first international recognition as DownBeat Student Music Award winners. Winning a DownBeat Student Music Award is an accomplishment that should be included on any college application or professional resume.

Since its founding in 2002, Lagond has become one of the nation’s most successful college preparatory programs for music in the entire country, offering students the training, guidance and rigorous instruction needed to prepare them for their college studies and for rewarding careers in music and entertainment. Located in Elmsford, New York, Lagond is a not-for-profit academy dedicated to contemporary music education and live music performance, serving a diverse community of students throughout Westchester County and the surrounding area. The curriculum spans all contemporary musical genres and includes courses in popular music songwriting, composition, theory, jazz and contemporary performance, production and engineering. With training provided by an experienced faculty and visiting guest artists, Lagond students have achieved success in national competitions and have gone on to gain acceptance and scholarships from the most prestigious music colleges and ivy league universities in the country.

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