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Summer Super Sessions


Join a dynamic and meaningful musical community while learning new skills in our summer music program. Unleash your creativity and join like-minded musicians from anywhere in the world. Take voice, keyboard, songwriting classes from anywhere with our online music classes. Our songwriting classes will help you learn to write songs or develop the songs you already have. We have keyboard classes, private music lessons, vocal classes, networking band classes, music production and offer different styles ranging from Rock, Blues, Pop, Jazz, Funk, Latin, and more.

Sessions run from July 1 through August 28, 2021
Grades 2 to 12

Minimum two years of experience on main instrument(s)

Jam on your favorite tunes or collaborate on writing new songs. Then, learn to record yourself and produce your own music video, culminating in a virtual worldwide performance. 

ROCK, BLUES, JAZZ, FUNK AND MORE – You wanna play it? We’ll put together the right band for you.  

Program includes:

  • Original song collaboration 
  • Band collaboration/song analysis
  • Sectional rehearsal
  • Home studio creation or optimization
  • Professionally record audio and video tracks
  • Produce a show for broadcast
  • Virtual performance opportunities available

Four-Week Program – M-F – 35 hours/month
Time:  Will be determined based on student availability
Price: Exact pricing dependent on class size 

Beginner to advanced level

Create or optimize your home studio while learning the ins and outs of music production and recording.   

Program includes:

  • Gain familiarity with the basics of Digital Audio Workstations
  • Enhance your production technique
  • Advance your technique in mixing and mastering
  • Private 60-minute lessons tailored to your level and interest 
  • Weekly master classes and assessment of produced pieces

Four or Eight Week Programs – 2/days week – 8 hours/month 
Days and Times: Will be determined based on student availability
Price: $400/session 

Beginner to advanced level 

Write lyrics and songs that inspire. Explore the complexities of songwriting including, chord progressions, melody, range, rhyme, rhythm, melodic color, and timing. 

            Program includes:

  • Focus on inspiration, understanding of lyrics and rhyme, use of form and melody, as well as understanding the functions of production and chart writing.
  • Songwriting groups will share material with faculty and others in your group to evaluate your writing.
  • Virtual performance opportunities are available.
  • Private lesson enrollment in a main instrument and voice are encouraged.
    Be the best songwriter you can be!

Four Week Program – 4/days week – 34 hours/month 
Eight Week Program – 2/days week – 34 hours/month 
Days and Times:  Will be determined based on student availability 
Price: Exact pricing dependent on class size 

Intermediate to advanced level 

Improve your vocal technique by learning new skills. Immersive classes incorporate range, breath support, vocal arranging, and audience engagement. Walk away with a professional audio/video demo and the ability to lead a band.

            Program includes:

  • Improve vocal performance with attention to details
  • Sing like a pro incorporating vocal technique
  • Engage your audience by learning the art of storytelling
  • Support the arc of a song with your own vocal arrangements
  • Write your own band arrangements
  • Lead a band and communicate with instrumentalists
  • Learn basic audio and video software to make your own demo
  • Walk away with a quality demo you can use on your social media platforms
    or for your supplemental college applications
  • Virtual performance opportunities are available.

Four Week Program – 3/days week – 24 hours
Days & Time:  Will be determined based on student availability
Price: Exact pricing dependent on class size 

Intermediate to advanced level 

Create keyboard sounds utilizing the newest technology and techniques. Immerse yourself in sound design and different electromechanical keyboards. Learn what goes into creating the greatest keyboard sounds of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. 

            Program includes:

  • Learn how to create keyboard effects for any style/situation
  • Familiarize yourself with the latest in keyboard technology including classic keyboards like Rhodes, Wurlitzer, and Hammond organs as well as multilayer synthesizer patches
  • Optimize your current gear setup for recording and/or live performance
  • Design sounds for your current projects or find inspiration for creating original material
  • Understand the basics of computer-based sound design and Virtual Studio Technology instruments
  • Break down and analyze the keyboard sounds from your favorite recordings

One Week Program – M-Th – 5:00 to 6:30 PM
Weeks of June 14, June 21, or August 23 
PRICE: $300

Beginner through advanced level 

One-on-one lessons offered in drums/percussion, bass, guitar, keyboard/piano, voice, theory, ear training and sight reading. Virtual performance opportunities are available 

Four to Eight Week Sessions – 1 or 2 lessons/week – 30- 45- or 60-minute sessions 
Price: $50 – $135/session depending on teacher and length of lesson


Enrollment opens April 1, 2021 and runs through June 15, 2021

A Registration Application will be emailed once you apply. 

  • Students in the Networking Band must send a sample video of themselves for placement purposes, specifically demonstrating their performance skills.
  • Include one or two pieces totaling up to 7 minutes in length, demonstrating their favorite style of music 
  • If two pieces are presented, they should be in contrasting styles. 
  • Improvisation is optional but encouraged.
  • Songwriters should send a sample video of one cover and one original song totaling up to 7 minutes in length, demonstrating their favorite style of music. 
  • Music Production students should submit two audio samples of contrasting styles totaling up to 7 minutes in length

Video submissions can include solo performances, performances with backing tracks or a backing band. Recordings can be made with a phone or other recording device available to you. Highly produced videos are not required. 

Video or audio files should be labeled with your name, instrument, prospective major, grade level and requested program. They should be sent as a downloadable link to info@lagondmusic.org

PRICING stated above

Refundable Registration Fee (new students only) – $50.00
Materials Fee – $30.00 – 100.00

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